Company Information

Company History of Miyata Co., Ltd.
1931 Keiichiro Miyata established a sole proprietorship in Kinshi-cho district in Tokyo (present-day Kinshi).
1955 He established Miyata Shoten KK and assumed the role of chief executive officer. Capitalization of 4.5 million yen.
1964 Keiichiro Miyata became the company’s executive chairman.
Yoshiharu Miyata became the chief executive officer.
1970 Trade name changed to Miyata Co., Ltd.
1971 Had a breakthrough as a wholesaler of nonreturnable products under “Mama Kore!!” (private brands for moms)
1980 Capitalization increased to 18 million yen
1981 Started selling Mama brand, “Okashiyasan Dori (Sweets Street)”
Moved office to Kahei, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
1983 Osamu Miyata becomes chief executive officer
1986 Started selling “Honmono no Aji (Authentic Taste)” and “Kenko wa Shizen to Tomodachi (Health is Nature’s Friend)”
1989 Annual sales reached 5 billion yen
1993 Nagoya Distribution Center opened
1994 Planning & Development Office (current Planning & Development Department) started
Began regular hiring of new graduates
1995 Extension of headquarters distribution center (Kahei, Adachi-ku)
1996 Acquired 4,250 square meters of land in Matsudo, Chiba Prefecture, for new headquarters
Second Sales Division established (targeting supermarkets, department stores)
May 1997 New headquarters (with adjoining distribution center) completed in Matsudo City
Annual sales reached 10 billion yen
1998 New “Honmono no Aji” series became a big hit
Started selling “The Wagashi” products
Started selling “Ajisai Dori” products again
1999 Started selling “Oishii Teian” products again
November, 1999 Started using new sales management system
2002 Started selling “L’Atelier” products
Renewal of “Shin Oishii Teian” products
2003 Renewal of “New Oishii Teian” products
Started selling “Takumi no Mai” products
Started selling “Furusato Dagashi” products
Osaka Distribution Center opened
2004 Started selling “Furusato Tsumeawase” products
Started selling “Furusato Dagashi” products again
Sendai Distribution Center opened
2005 Started handling imported confectionery products
Established Sweetbox Co., Ltd. for importing confectionery products
2006 Established Kashi Kurodou Co., Ltd. (capitalized at 10 million yen) through joint venture with Tokyo Karinto Co., Ltd.
September, 2006 Osaka sales office opened
Annual sales reached 16 billion yen
February, 2007 Saisho Distribution Center opened (Odawara City, Kanagawa Prefecture)
July, 2007 Fukushima Distribution Center opened
Annual sales reached 18.1 billion yen
2008 Established Kinshido Co., Ltd. for handling half-dry Japanese sweets
April 2009 Fukushima sales office (Fukushima City) opened
Annual sales reached 22.8 billion yen
2010 In April, established Happy Pocket Co., Ltd. to import confectionery goods
August, 2010 Kyushu Distribution Center opened (Yame-gun)
Annual sales reached 24.4 billion yen
April 2011 Hokkaido Distribution Center opened (Ishikari City)
July, 2011 Kanto Distribution Center opened (Joso City)
November, 2011 Okinawa Distribution Center opened. (Urasoe City)
December, 2011 Kanto Factory opened (Joso City)
Annual sales reached 28.6 billion yen
2012 Annual sales reached 29.5 billion yen
2013 Annual sales reached 29.8 billion yen
2014 Annual sales reached 32.6 billion yen
2015 Annual sales reached 37 billion yen
July, 2018 Toyohashi Laboratory opened
Saitama Distribution Center opened (Kawaguchi City)