Planning & Development

Given shape to the sweets we desire. Miyata’s endless challenge!

Responding to changing trends and tastes, sweets need to continue to be reinvented. Miyata responds to the needs of the marketplace while making efforts to develop new sweets, creating more than 70 new products annually.

  • Product Planning

    Development that reflects your demands.
    Miyata’s five categories
    Our development team gathers information on market trends, price ranges and raw materials. We pursue the possibility of new sweets by tapping into a broad range of diverse perspectives. We delve in five categories – seasonal products, policy products, new products, growth products, and economic products. Our approach in developing sweets is to focus on functionality.
  • Demand Development

    Taking on product design and development based on our customers’ demands
    We receive proposals from our clients and develop products. We don’t base pricing or quality on the demands of our clients alone; we use our own Miyata filter to brush up on things. We start with product design, engage in repeated trials, and follow through until the product is complete. We also offer packaging services.
  • Spontaneous Development

    Our strengths are our uniqueness and our proposal skills.
    Developing original brands
    Miyata’s accumulated knowhow, based on its market research and unique informationgathering skills, works for our product development. We sell under the original Miyata brands, listen to the suggestions of our clients, and look for the opportunity to show the broad appeal of our product development prowess.
  • Miyata’s Achievements
    In recent years, Miyata has collaborated with large retailers to expand the results for OEM and PB products. With adding snacks, beans, and dried fruits to the Miyata brand, the three businesses consisted of our in-house product development account for 70% of our sales. The other 30% comes from wholesaling the products of regional makers.

Toyohashi LaboratoryA sweets laboratory for creating new products.

T he Toyohashi Laboratory, built in Toyohashi City, Aichi Prefecture, in July 2018, became a new hub for Miyata product development. We receive requests from clients for product development here and make trial products. An environment has been created where our researchers, knowledgeable in product development, make products to meet customer demands. Once the product is developed, we’ll help our clients start production at their factory and support them with adjusting machinery and temperature control. Miyata also practices all sorts of value-added product research such as how to extend expiration dates, reduce sugar, etc.